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   About Us:

    Our company name is Bradley's Juices and Berries Oils. The Bradley, of course, is our family name. However, the Juices and Berries part is a little more interesting. 

    The actual scent of any cologne or perfume that you have smelled is achieved from the extraction of flower petals and the juices of berries. Additives are usually added for convenience and to stretch the product. However, our product gives you a pure and undiluted scent that lasts and won't fade until you wash it off. So when you order Bradley's J&B Oils you are receiving a pure, non-fading scent that won't fade until you bathe!!!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way with any of the designer name brands that are mentioned. We have many blends that smell very similar to these brands. However, the names are mentioned only to compare the scent to our oils.


We do not sell, nor have we ever sold any merchandise produced by these designers. None of our products are sponsored, licensed or endorsed by these designers. All trademarked names remain the exclusive property of their respective owners. 

LaCharles and Rose Bradley/Owners

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